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Negotiation Training and Consulting

Welcome to Negotiation Workshop – your access to negotiation skills training and consulting that is widely recognised as the route to outstanding results.

Developed and delivered by highly experienced negotiators, our workshops address the fundamental issues involved in negotiation. They are designed to instil appropriate attitudes for highly effective negotiators as well as robust practices and procedures. This is skills training that will make a significant and measurable difference to your organisation’s performance.



Skills training at its best transforms performance fundamentally, inspires and is remembered by the individual for the rest of their lives. This is our aim and feedback tells us that we are highly successful against this measure.


We aim to deliver carefully constructed, expert input to the disciplines of negotiation, contract and business-customer/supplier relationship management, that has high impact with measurable benefit.

Negotiate to Success DVD

Written and presented by Negotiation Workshop’s founder and lead trainer, this DVD covers the fundamentals of negotiation.

To buy a copy, go to www.cannystore.com or www.amazon.co.uk.